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Hespress from RabatSaturday 15 May 2021 – 03:35

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority, announced that its 12th session will be held from 19 to 29 May, with the participation of 172 publishers from 15 Arab and foreign countries.

The event, according to the organizers, hosts 27 writers from 15 countries, who participate in a number of sessions that are held on the ground and others through visual communication techniques, accompanied by a number of artists who present to children and adolescents a set of specialized activities and a series of theatrical performances that bring together a selection of the brightest Arab stars. .

The festival is witnessing the organization of the 9th edition of the “Sharjah Child Book Drawings Exhibition”, which provides an opportunity to see the creations made through the comics platform, which will present 132 artistic and entertainment workshops and events in which many Arab and foreign specialists and artists will participate.

Children and adolescents will be on a date this year with 385 specialized and varied events and activities presented by a group of experts, where they present a set of valuable knowledge that serves to enrich the imagination and thought of new generations.

Theater enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to enjoy a range of works that will be shown during the event, including the “Dream Book”, which is the first theatrical work to be supervised by the Sharjah Book Authority, as well as a range of other theatrical works.

The festival organizers announced that precautionary and preventive measures have been taken against the Coronavirus, as an integrated plan has been developed to sterilize facilities and halls on a daily and comprehensive basis. Thermal wipers and sterilizers will also be provided, with an emphasis on the need to adhere to wearing masks and to apply physical spacing policies.

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