Moroccan Hatem Ammour prepares to release the clip of the song “The Best Creativity”


Moroccan singer Hatem Ammour is preparing to release the clip of his latest song, entitled “The Best Creativity”, through his official YouTube channel and a number of digital and radio platforms, during the coming period.Hatem cooperated in this song with the poet Imad Al-Asaad, composer Asaad Hassan, and music arranger Hamza Al-Ghazi, and the song was in the Iraqi dialect, and the clip scenes were filmed in the city of Dar Al-Bayda, under the supervision of director Anas Al-Kad.

“The Best Creativity” is the second song from the album “Without Borders,” which includes a combination of many dialects and different musical colors, including the Gulf, Iraqi and other Arabic dialects, in addition to a song in Spanish.

It is noteworthy that Hatem Ammour’s latest album is “Untitled”, and it has achieved great success. Trend also topped the YouTube site when it was launched, and his songs achieved more than 250 million views in total, in addition to his high listening rate on electronic music stores.


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