Money changers’ dens run by sectarian militias are preparing platforms to raise dollar prices


Retired Brigadier General Mustafa Hamdan said, in a statement, that “rumors have abounded on all social media sites, local radio and satellite channels that the prime minister-designate, Saad Hariri, is on the path of apology,” pointing out that “the most dangerous issue is that the dens of the major cashiers are managed.” By the militias of sects, they began preparing platforms to raise the price of the dollar against the Lebanese pound in a frenzy manner, enacting knives for flaking the skin of the Lebanese, and emptying of what was left of them from the crumbs of money they feed on daily.

And he went to the Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, as a Lebanese citizen, to start a “preventive campaign of arrests based on the information that you should have, in order to preserve what was left of the Lebanese citizen’s money, and to assign all the concerned security agencies to do so.”

He also asked the Supreme Judicial Council to urge Judge Ali Ibrahim to carry out his legal and judicial duties today and not tomorrow, saying: “You are all responsible.”


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