Mohamed El-Helou: Hani Shaker mocked “Ahim Shawqa” … and Ahmed Fouad Negm insulted us Video


The artist, Mohamed El Helou, restored the scenes of presenting his famous song “Ahim Shawqa”, and the sarcastic comment of the artist Hani Shaker on it before singing it for the first time.

During his meeting with the journalist Jamal Inayat and the journalist Buthaina Tawakkol on the “Cairo Today” program, Mohamed Helou said: “The first time the song was presented at the Cinema Rivoli, during the days of the TV nights concerts that Ahmed Samir Allah had mercy on him. And Hani Shaker was present and said: Oh, sweet, uh, those lying under the dirt.

He added, “The next day at the party, it was the only song we prepared. Before that I sang” Oh my love, it was a time “and it achieved very great success. Hani Marmatni.

Regarding the scenes of his choice of the song “Ahim Shawqa,” he said: “I chose the song in a session with the composer Salah Al-Sharnoubi in Syria. He was at a party there, and Salah said the song is very heavy but I stuck to it. My life, and it worked for her with a terrifying form of music distribution. ”

Mohamed El-Helou revealed that the late poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, the author of the song, had a position with them: “We laughed at Ahmad Fouad Negm’s uncle. He was a songwriter named“ The first is my country and the second is my country. ”We took the song and made it money. And Ahmed’s uncle insulted us and took two wages.”


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