Ministry of Health launches an electronic platform to register the names of those wishing to receive the “Corona” vaccine


The Ministry of Health has officially launched an electronic platform to allow those wishing to receive the vaccine against “Corona” virus to register their names in it.

The Minister of Health, Hassan Muhammad Al-Ghobash, stated, in an exclusive interview with Al-Suriya TV, that citizens can start registering for vaccination against the “Corona” virus from now on through the platform.

He indicated that the vaccine is completely free, and stressed that the priority is to protect the medical and health personnel.

Recently, doses of “Corona” vaccines arrived in Syria provided by China, and a batch of vaccines arrived through the “Kovacs” program of the World Health Organization.“.

The Ministry of Health recently started a vaccination campaign against the virus, which targeted in its first stage the health personnel standing on the front lines to treat epidemic patients, as well as the staff working in hospitals, after the arrival of doses of the “Sputnik” vaccine. V Russian.

The number of “Corona” virus infections has increased significantly during the recent period, as the number of victims of the epidemic in general has reached 1617 Cases of death and 23,051 injuries.

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