Microsoft says Outlook Email needs to work again


Nelson said he had no connection
Rick Recroft / AB

Nelson said he had no “absolute” contact with Microsoft Wednesday morning about a bug in the software.

Microsoft said Wednesday it has fixed a bug affecting users of its Outlook email service worldwide, including New Zealand.

This error occurred after the company released what appeared to be a malware connection.

This affected customers who had access to Outlook through the desktop client, while users could access their emails online and through its mobile app.

Terence Flath, owner of Computer Technologies in Nelson, said several of its customers called him Wednesday morning when he received no contact from Microsoft.

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He said that the problem occurred when computers were updated with the software connection and one of the solutions for customers who had already installed the patch was to roll back to the previous version.

Microsoft’s bulletin board posts stated that Outlook was another way for users to download email messages as if they were to be printed, because they can be viewed successfully in the Print Preview panel.

Microsoft said in a tweet at 4 pm on Wednesday that it fixed the issue, but customers had to restart their apps.

Wednesday wasn’t the only software company that ran into major problems.

Cloud computing experience of the leading sales team Separate malfunction She said it was resolved at 2.20 p.m.


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