Microsoft President: Excited about the next generation of Windows


Company started Microsoft Build annual software developer conference by issuing a large number of cloud product announcements, and the company indicated that the operating system Windows It will improve for developers as well.

Keeping developers interested in its platforms is important to Microsoft, because if programmers become less interested in creating and updating Windows applications, they might consider switching to other alternatives that threaten Microsoft’s business, CNBC reported.

“We will soon be sharing one of the most important Windows updates in the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadala said during his keynote at the virtual conference, “I’ve been using it myself for the past several months, and I’m very excited about the generation. Next from Windows. ”

He continued, “Our promise is: We will create more opportunities for every Windows developer today and we welcome every innovator looking for the most innovative, new and open platform for creating, distributing and monetizing applications.”

Coinciding with the event, Microsoft released a 43-page “news book” detailing the latest updates.


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