Microsoft is easing European consumers’ concerns about data


The American group, Microsoft, pledged to keep all European customer data in Europe for its cloud computing services, in light of European concerns about US legislation on data.
Microsoft’s legal affairs officer Brad Smith said in a blog post, “If you are our corporate or public sector clients (…) we will allow you to process and store all your data in the European Union (…) we will not need to extract your data from it. European Union ».
This announcement addresses Microsoft services such as Azure (which allows companies to dispense with non-virtual servers by using Microsoft’s servers over the Internet), or Office 365 (office electronic services including e-mail, data sharing and video webinars), and Dynamics. 365 »(Professional applications).
Brad Smith indicated that this decision would be fully implemented “by next year.”
For years, the Europeans have been concerned about the legal status of the data that they provide to the giant American groups through cloud computing services such as Microsoft, as well as Amazon and Google, with concerns particularly related to the interference of American courts.
It is not certain that Microsoft’s commitment will be enough to scatter the Europeans entirely.
“The location of data of a personal nature for Europeans in European data centers for American service providers does not yet guarantee safety because they are still subject to American law,” the consulting company KPMG wrote Tuesday in a publication on the European “Cloud” market.
American companies, most notably “Amazon Web Services”, “Microsoft” and “Google”, dominate cloud computing services that allow customers to benefit from vast and variable information storage capabilities according to needs.
The market is currently experiencing a major boom. KPMG has estimated that the European market value for cloud computing services, currently amounting to € 53 billion, will rise five times to ten meters by 2027-2030.


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