Metroid’s former chief designer focuses on offensive engagements


Metroid’s former chief designer focuses on offensive engagements

Earlier this week, Michael Wikan – the former chief designer of the three Metroid frame Toys – Detect on Facebook Why not think of a switch The Prime Troid Trilogy Most likely it will happen.

the summary, He doubts it will be released as an old studio There is no longer a “functional editor tool to work with base code primers” and as a result, everything should be coded “hard force”. Metroid Prime 3 It is likely that it alone is the “colossal effort”.

Unfortunately, Vican’s comments seem to have angered some people in the Metroid community, and they now seem to be targeting an old studio developer in offensive posts. This information is shared by the Metroid fan site ShinesParks:

“We have been informed that the aforementioned businessman has been adapted to the offensive messages directed at his personal social media account. Revitalizing Society is better than that, please be nice. ”

As confirmed by a lot Affordable online audiences, Vikan has never said that the release of the trilogy will not happen, he has only said that he is “very skeptical” and thinks it will take a lot of hard work to achieve that – especially the third game.

Recent comments about the prime minister’s trilogy stem from years of rumors, Replace listings on retailers’ websites He drew expectations. In 2019, Imran Khan – who was her time with the game’s play – said the Switch trilogy was “I did it a long time ago.” Nintendo was waiting for the right moment.

The fact that Michael Wikan was a former lead designer in all three games for Metroid Prime – no matter how long it’s been, means his comments are definitely worth considering.


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