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A way to prevent cancer


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Dr. Margarita Korolova, Russian Dietitian, revealed an integrated health approach that helps prevent cancer.

In an interview with the Russian news agency, the expert comments on the results of the study conducted by German doctors, according to which an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive consumption of five foodstuffs – red meat, sausages, milk, sugar and alcohol, increases the risk of cancer.

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According to her, giving up certain foodstuffs reduces the risk of cancer, and in some cases, on the contrary, increases this risk.

She says, “We can follow a healthy lifestyle in every sense of the word, with our love for meat at the same time. By controlling stress factors, we will not face any problem. There are those who drink excessively alcohol and live more than 100 years, because they follow a healthy lifestyle. There are those who give up this.” The five items in his diet and yet he faces many health problems.

The expert notes the need to choose a healthy diet and try to follow a healthy lifestyle.

The expert advises, “the need to control stress, maintain fitness, and of course undergo an annual medical examination in a timely manner, to diagnose any health problem early.”

Cancer, she adds, is a multisystemic disease. “The cause may be a combination of factors. A person may have a genetic predisposition or not. But when he follows an unhealthy lifestyle in the full sense of the word, and consumes too much alcohol, fast food and other foodstuffs that cause weight gain,” she warns, the result is the same.

Source: Novosti


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