Mercury paired with the stars of the Seven Sisters throughout the night in a wonderful scene


After sunset and throughout the night, he observes the conjunction of Mercury with the Pleiades star cluster, which will be separated by about two degrees in the sky of the Arab world.

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah revealed in a report, that the Pleiades cluster cannot be seen from inside cities with the naked eye due to street lights, so there is a need to use binoculars or a small telescope where the Pleiades cluster will appear as a box of cosmic jewels.

And the Pleiades cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters, and it resembles the stars of the Little Bear but has a foggy appearance. The cluster consists of young stars that were formed only 100 million years ago – during the age of the dinosaurs – from the collapse of an interstellar gas cloud, and the largest member of this cluster is vibrant blue stars that are five times wider than the sun.

Due to the distance of the chandelier, about 400 light years away, it is within the limit of vision with the naked eye, and when looking at it on a clear night, the brightest six stars can be easily distinguished in it. Provided that the observation is far from city lights, and that the observer’s eye is dark.

It is worth noting that the Thuraya cluster will not be visible to the naked eye from inside the cities, as in the picture, but it was highlighted to clarify its location with respect to Attar.


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