Mercury is in its brightness at the end of Ramadan


The opportunity is ready to see it with the naked eye

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah explained that observers of the sky in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world are preparing to observe the height of the brightness of the planet Mercury during this year, at the end of the blessed month of Ramadan (the first weeks of May 2021).

The chief astronomer of Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, said on the Society’s Facebook page that to observe Mercury, the horizon towards sunset must be free of obstacles, because the planet is located in a low place at sunset and then it will follow the sun below the horizon before darkness falls, in other words. Mercury is searched near the sunset point on the horizon from dusk to dark.

He added that after the end of Ramadan, Mercury will slowly diminish every day, but even with its fading, it will rise away from the sun every day, reaching its maximum elongation from the sun on May 17, at which time it will shine like a star of the first magnitude.

The chief astronomer of Jeddah indicated that the opportunity is ready to see Mercury with the naked eye despite the glow of the sunset, and he prefers to use binoculars, especially if the viewing conditions are not ideal near the horizon, in addition to the fact that the binoculars observe Mercury earlier after sunset.

He added that starting in mid-Shawwal (the last week of May), Mercury will become faint from the second magnitude, but at that time Venus will be near it on the dome of the sky, so when the binoculars are directed at Venus, the two planets will appear in the same field of view.

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