Meet Whitney Wolf-Heard, the world’s youngest billionaire


I becameWhitney Wolf-HeardThe 31-year-old, co-founder of “Bumble”, the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, after her company went public in February 2021, thus she is also the youngest CEO in America to open the trading session in the financial market. According to the magazine “ForbesThe American woman has a fortune of about $ 3.1 billion and is one of 63 women who joined the annual Forbes list of the world’s richest women this year for the first time.
From America to China, 328 women topped the Forbes list of the richest women, compared to 241 last year, with their wealth amounting to $ 53.1 trillion, an increase of 60% over last year. They also added 7.5 billion dollars to those fortunes, thanks to the remarkable recovery of stock markets around the world after the severity of the “Corona” epidemic subsided. Twelve women share their wealth with their husbands, children or siblings, compared to 7 women last year, including the German Hester House and heiress to the supermarket empire “Aldi”, which she shares with her brother Karl Albrecht Jr.
This year’s list featured Keiko Erikawa from Japan, who shares her fortune with her husband, Yuichi, as the duo founded video game development company “Tecmo Koei” 4 decades ago. She is also one of 108 self-made women on the “Forbes” list, up from 67 women last year, indicating the high number of businesswomen joining the ranks of the wealthy. Although 66 of them inherited their wealth, they worked to enhance it. An example of this is Miuccia Prada, the luxury fashion family company, Prada, to become a brand estimated at $ 9.2 billion in terms of sales in 2020. In addition, there were about 154 women. They inherited their fortunes, but are not actively participating in expanding its reach, such as Dagmar Dolby who owns about 36% of Laboratories Dolby’s money-market audio technology company, which was founded by her late husband Ray Dolby, who died in 2013.
The richest woman in the world has achieved “L.And real“Francoise Bettencourt Myers, the biggest gainer among those whose wealth is linked to public stocks, as the share price of L’Oréal, in which she and her family own a 33% stake, has risen by about 40% since last March, adding $ 7.24 billion to Bettencourt’s net worth.


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