MBS, Leader of Change, is on top globally


The Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, has made many achievements that made him grab the headlines of newspapers, magazines, channels and news sites, since he announced the “Vision 2030”, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed radical changes in many areas, and it became an image. The crown prince is receiving global attention, especially with regard to his ability to change and make a quantum leap in the Kingdom that will be recorded as one of the major milestones in the country’s history. The most famous photo in 2018, the American magazine, “Time”, chose Prince Mohammed bin Salman among the list of the most influential figures in the world for 2018, which includes state leaders, celebrities, artists, businessmen and politicians from several countries.The results of the readers ’poll on Time magazine’s personality of the year, which is considered the most famous in the world, showed the crown prince obtaining 4% of the vote, ahead of a number of world leaders and celebrities.

Prince Muhammad bin Salman, at the time, was ahead of many famous businessmen, including the founder of “Amazon”, Jeff Bezos, the founder and director of the electric car company “Tesla”, Elon Musk, the founder and director of “Facebook”, Mark Zuckerberg, as well as that of Lee The Saudi era was the only Arab figure to be included in the results of the masses’ referendum. The crown prince was chosen on the list because he succeeded, in a short period, in making major reforms and changes within the framework of “Vision 2030”, which included various aspects of life, economic, social, political, intellectual and cultural, as he lifted restrictions imposed on women and allowed them to lead and occupy political positions. The most famous image of Prince Mohammed bin Salman is his entry into the list of the most influential people in the world in the global media, which is rare for Arab personalities.

Also in 2017, the Crown Prince topped the “Time” public referendum, and the result of the referendum, which is considered the most famous in the world, showed Prince Mohammed bin Salman getting 24% of the vote, ahead of a number of world leaders. Prince of Reform

In addition to a large number of television interviews conducted with him by the Western media, at the forefront of which is the “C” channel. B. S, as well as an interview on the “Bloomberg” network, the prince held many dialogues for well-known magazines and newspapers such as The Economist, which talked about the change that the young crown prince brought about in all aspects of life in the Kingdom, especially with regard to economic and social changes, in order to restore Building the community in a correct and feasible manner that fits with the country’s ambitious vision.

In September 2018, Prince Mohammed bin Salman issued the cover of the famous American magazine, Newsweek, which described him as the “Prince of Reform”, and addressed his domestic and foreign policies, and the cover title was “Bringing Saudi Arabia back to its glory again.”

The magazine talked about the prince, and his ability to make major social and economic changes, which made the Kingdom a major headline in the global media. She also spoke about the visits of the Crown Prince to European countries and the United States, describing them as “majestic visits”, which witnessed global attention due to his major reform plans in all fields, and “Vision 2030” to attract investments, open up to the world, provide jobs and invest in important areas such as health. Education, entertainment and tourism, in addition to combating terrorism and corruption and supporting women.

Newsweek confirmed that the prince does not hesitate to confront any problem, and seriously deals with any threat surrounding the Kingdom or its policies, in addition to combating corruption, terrorism and Iranian threats, and its arms that cause chaos in the Arab region and the world.

The most influential leader in America for 40 years

Prince Muhammad bin Salman was able, in the period following his rise, to attract the attention of major Western media, which was rare even for many Arab leaders, as the French magazine “Le Point” said that he is “a young prince who can change a lot.” », And the image of Prince Mohammed bin Salman was placed on the cover of its magazine in its December 2017 issue. The magazine indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose decisions are distinguished by intelligence and sophistication, has played a fundamental role in the fight against terrorism and extremism movements.

In March 2018, the American magazine “AMI” published a cover on which the crown prince was photographed and titled “The New Kingdom”, confirming that Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the most influential leader in the Arab world and is changing the world when he was only 32 years old – at the time – only.

In June of the same year, Russianview magazine chose him on its cover front, describing him as “the leader who changed the kingdom through the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and supported youth and women in it.” In July 2019, Pleasures magazine, published in Nigeria, devoted its cover to talking about the achievements of Prince Muhammad bin Salman two years after his assumption of the position of Crown Prince, as the magazine confirmed that the young crown prince made many achievements to the Kingdom in many areas, including achievements on Economic, social and charitable levels.

Crackdown on corruption

On the front cover, Italian magazine Internazionale placed a photo of photographer Luca Locatelli that she had gathered with a number of late Saudi kings in the foyer of a royal palace. The newspaper mentioned that the Saudi crown prince, also known as MBS, is the youngest defense minister in the kingdom’s history.

As for the American agency “Bloomberg”, in November 2017, the cover of its magazine was decorated with a picture of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to review the achievements and changes he made in Saudi Arabia in a short period of time, with the title “The Prince and his Revolution”, in reference to his campaign in the fight against corruption.

According to “Bloomberg”, the Saudi crown prince is one of the most influential foreign leaders to have visited the United States of America in 40 years. Bruce Riedel, a former Middle East specialist at the Central Intelligence Agency, told Bloomberg: “The Saudi crown prince is a true reformer, bent on transforming and diversifying the Saudi economy, and modernizing society by granting many aspects,” adding: “I admire Prince Mohammed bin Salman. , He has intelligence and a strong sense of forming public relations, and clearly understands everything that is going on around him, as well as knows very well the importance of the media.


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