Mayan Al-Sayyid: I swear by Almighty God came down from the house in my pajamas Video


The young actress, Mayan El-Sayed, received a question from one of her followers on the way in which she preserves her freshness and elegance.

Mayan Al-Sayed responded to the question, saying, “By God Almighty, I come down from the house with pajamas in my normal life. The most important thing I love is to be myself, leave my hair curly, I put a little make-up, and I do not like to do things older than my age or strange things.”

She added, “Sometimes I do this in my roles so that I can be different or in a photo session, but in my normal life I go down in pajamas. You sure won’t believe it, but people meet me and take pictures with me, and I see in their eyes a desire to ask me how to behave this way?”


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