Mai Omar in the video Sherine Abdel Wahab excluded me from the series “My Way”, Madam


The artist revealed May Omar For the first time, the actress Sherine Abdel Wahab interfered to exclude her from participating in the series “My Way”, despite her signing the contract, and setting a deadline for filming, confirming that sharp differences between her husband Muhammad Sami and Sherine Abdel Wahab were the reason behind this sudden decision.

May Omar
Mai Omar, Basma Wahba from the scenes of the divination program (Pictures from the channel)

During the second part of her interview with Basma Wahba, the media, Omar added to the program “The Divination”, which is shown on the screen of the axis: that she signed contracts for the series “My Way” for the star Sherine after the director of the series Muhammad Shaker Khudair asked her husband, Muhammad Sami, to allow her to work with him.

She continued, confirming that Muhammad Sami told Shakir that there were differences between him and Sherine Abdel Wahab and asked him, “Do you know about Mai Omar’s participation in the work?”

She continued, saying: Director Muhammad Shaker Khudair spoke to me, and he and Tamer Habib sat with him, and they told me that I did not see anyone else in the role and they were aware that the role was decreed for me.

And she continued: I took the paper and went to Hurghada because Muhammad was filming a work there, and I sat reading in 15 episodes, and they said I was on Wednesday, and when we were on the way, someone spoke to Muhammad and told him the problems between you and Sherine are so big ?! I don’t agree that I stay in the series.

She said: I did not get angry with Sherine Abdel Wahab, and I did not mourn the loss of the role despite my admiration for it, and I expected it to fail, but it was a great success.

Mai talked about the reason for her silence in the face of the problems raised around her since the beginning of her artistic career, saying: Failure to respond is “strength”, explaining that it is a very difficult matter and requires great ability to control feelings and anger.

She added that her husband, director Mohamed Sami, encountered a problem and was very angry: I told him your right, you will take it, and in a saying he says your right will always be taken for you, and when the problem happened to him, he took a lot afterwards.

She indicated that she is happy to work with the artist Adel Imam in the series “Afarit Adly Allam” and said: I learned from him humility, and on the first day of Galli’s filming, he said to me, congratulations .. Adel Imam, we set the hour on him, and I come across as a teacher of his paper and a hafiz.

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