Magda Al-Roumi mourns the composer of her most prominent songs, musician Jamal Salama- (Tweet)


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: With influential words, the singer Magda Al-Roumi bid farewell to the great musician Jamal Salama, composer of Majida’s masterpieces of lyricism, most notably “Beirut, the Sixth of the World” and the poem “With Newspaper” by the late great poet Nizar Qabbani and “Mr. President,” after he passed away from He is about 75 years old due to complications from the Corona virus.

Magda expressed her shock and crying for what she described as her friend and long companion through a series of tweets and posts on her official accounts on social networking sites that won the admiration and interaction of followers, and began her mourning for those who accompanied her melodies like her shadow with deep sorrow, as she put it: “The news of the death of my great friend, musician, Dr. Jamal Salama, shocked me. It hurt me deeply about the departure of this caring brother and long companion. Yes, I cry losing this dear whose melodies accompany me like my shadow, this absentee present with me in all theaters, how do I separate my voice from his works? On “Beirut Set the Dunya,” on “Mr. President,” on “With Jarida,” on “Aynak,” on “Your Love,” on “Color Me Days.”

After confirming the impossibility of separating his melodies from her voice, Magda added: “It is impossible for his melodies to separate from my voice, or for our memories and the echo of our laughs that were folded, and the stories of our hard work on beautiful poems that will forever bear the imprint of his brilliance and creativity.”

And she continued, “How much we discussed and how much we erased, then we returned to work from zero without getting bored.” How can I forget his moving tears on the day he composed with great emotion the wonderful immortal Nizar Qabbani, “Beirut the Sixth of the World”. The martyrs and I, and everyone who heard from the Arab brothers and begged with us together: “Stand up in honor of the human being”, and we sang over and over again, and until you get up from among the rubble we will sing after and after and we will add with the poem “My Master President”: “We walk and among us are traitors, traitors who know what they are doing. But we will remain. ”

In conclusion, Magda asked her companion: “How do I separate these works from you, my great friend, and from our tune, from our hopes, and from our wounds, how?” I will not be comforted tonight by your departure except that you are in the neighborhood of God, surrounded by the reverence that your likes deserve from the eternal creators who have made our lives a less barren and less alien place. And she concluded: “My dear, great, immortal friend, until we meet on the paths of heaven, you have my loyalty, respect, and my great impression.”


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