Lukaku: I hope Real Madrid will win the Champions League for that reason


Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, team striker intermilan, Recently crowned Italian league title, expressed his wish to win the Spanish club Real Madrid the Champions League title and to cross the difficult Chelsea station in which the two teams will meet tomorrow at the latter’s stadium in London in the semi-final second leg.

Romelu Lukaku said in statements to the Belgian newspaper “La Tribune”: “I hope that all the Belgian national team players achieve championships with their clubs, especially since I suffered from this matter and I said I must achieve a title for myself with the club I play for.”

And he plays the duo Eden Hazard The goalkeeper, Courtois, is part of the Spanish club Real Madrid, although the trio had previously played matches in Chelsea T-shirt.

و .كد LukakuWinning a title with the club allows you to gain experience and allows you to know how to deal with matches. You get this fighting mentality that you want..

He added, “This is something I missed in my career. I gave up many times before, and then I said to myself, I am tired, I am 27 years old, it is time for a change.”.

He continued, “I really hope that other Belgium players, such as Courtois, Eden Hazard, De Bruyne, will also be able to win titles, as this will be beneficial for the national team and the spirit of the team.”.

Lukaku indicated that he does not believe that he is the best striker in the world, stressing that Real Madrid star Karim Benzema is the one who deserves that title.


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