Loss of medicines in Lebanon due to the lifting of subsidies



Inform governor Consumption of Lebanon Riad Salameh Those concerned are that, with the sums available to him, he will not be able to continue the support beyond the end of May. And here the question remains: Will the subsidy actually be completely removed from medicine?.

You may wander on Pharmacies Hours and hours to find medicine you need and you may not find it, and no one knows the reason. The citizen’s condition is the same as most pharmacies that you go to. pharmaceutical Because the agent does not deliver the drug to her.

And here, informed sources explain on the newsletter site today, Monday, that there are three types of medicines in total, those that are specific to diseases. Chronic, requiring prescription and medication OTC That does not require a prescription, and there are nutritional supplements that are not considered a medicine, “noting that pharmacies face a problem in receiving all of these types..

One of the pharmacists points out that the agent only delivers a piece or two of each drug to us and we do not know the reason that may be that they are waiting for the subsidy to be lifted or rationalized, and therefore, accordingly, his profit will increase dramatically. We ask why? We do not find an answer other than the absence of it, stressing that this reality is suspicious and cannot continue as it is, and in the event that the subsidy is raised or rationalized, no one can know how the prices will become, while the prices of food supplements have definitely increased because they are according to the exchange rate. Dollar On the black market, the higher it goes up, the higher it is the prices.

Resources Ministry of Health She categorically rejected everything that is said about the lifting of medical subsidies, as it is not possible for a citizen to remain left without medicine and under the insane rise of the dollar, noting also that she “did not even report it.” the clock Anything related to this matter, explaining that until now there are several ideas circulating here and we are talking about rationing, and therefore medicines OTC Or those that do not need a prescription, they will be sold for $ 3,900 pounds and will not return to 1,500 pounds, the basic official price as before, but the rest of the medicines for chronic diseases and those that need a doctor’s prescription will be sold for $ 1,515 pounds, especially in these times when it has risen. dollar price Significantly.

In general, the drug market was also subject to the bazaar, randomness and commercial chaos that the importers control, and many medicines were lost without anyone having an answer about the reason in the absence of them. Is the disease ?! Is it not time for the officials to put the finger on the wound to iron it instead of the merchant and the agent remaining on his side?!.

And Al-Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper wrote, the temporary closings that commercial stores used to resort to at the beginning of the economic crisis are no longer an exceptional measure. Today, as the crisis spreads further, the experience has generalized, and all sectors are now resorting to such a measure to avoid the more difficult option. Clothing stores and foodstuffs are no longer an exception in this policy, which today extended to the health sector, from doctors’ clinics to pharmacies that some owners are preparing to close between 3 and 4 days due to their inability to secure medicines for people..

The crisis is not the interruption of some medicines due to the delay in transactions at the Central Bank. The sector has overcome this crisis, which has moved to the dangerous square, with reaching the edge of the abyss in the profession, according to what the head of the Pharmacists Syndicate in Lebanon, Ghassan Al-Amin, said, warning that after a month from now, we are going to a rapid loss of medicines and the forced closure of pharmacies, if they are not available alternative plan. This means that the citizen’s drug security is at stake. ” Reason? The sector today is in a crisis that combines two contradictory factors. On the one hand, you want to die, and on the other hand, there is nothing in my pocket. ” The crisis of an alternative plan, in which the government resigns today from performing its duties, “as what is happening is a rampage between a government that wants to keep support for medicine without a plan and the Banque du Liban.” As for the consequences of that crisis, it is the interruption of basic medicines, especially medicines for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and others, in addition to medicines for «daily consumption.

What is required at the height of this crisis, according to the Secretary, is to prepare an alternative plan, and this falls on the shoulders of the current government, even if it is within a period of caretaker, and the relevant ministries from health to work to the economy and the media and a committee of scientific specialists to avoid the loss of drug security, indicating the possibility of “Access, through this plan, to a reasonable and fair rationing of the drug, so that the cost of the drug bill can be reduced without affecting drug safety.” He alluded here to “the possibility of reducing the bill from one billion dollars to 500 million dollars, as there is an ability to replace medicines with other alternative medicines that are cheap and have the same effectiveness, and we can provide them in Lebanon from reference countries.”.

Without that, no medicine in the coming months, and no guarantors are able to continue. This is a fact that we will get to, says El Amin firmly. And while the danger of this stage is the collapse of drug security, but in the end, it will open the door to a more serious problem, which is “the opening of the market for ineffective, counterfeit or otherwise drugs that will fill the void.”.



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