Live broadcast | Watch the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match in the African Champions League “Night Shoot”


Mercato Day offers you broadcast live Yalla Shot Watch the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, within the most important matches today, Saturday 5-15-2021.

The Egyptian defending champion Al-Ahly will host his South African counterpart, Sun Downs, at Al-Ahly We Al-Salam Stadium, in the first leg of the quarter-finals (8) of the African Champions League.

The club will strive Al-Ahly To achieve victory over Sun Downs tonight with a comfortable result, before the difficult confrontation in the second leg, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 22 May at the “Lucas Masterpieces Moribi” stadium in Pretoria.

In return, he looks forward Sun Downs To achieving his first victory over the Al-Ahly club in the Egyptian lands, and he was rehabilitated after the Red Genie excluded him from the competition last season from the same role.

In general, Al-Ahly and Sun Downs met in 8 encounters in the African Champions League, the Red Genie won 4 occasions, in exchange for a single victory for the yellow team, while the tie dominated 3 games.

Al-Ahly qualified for the quarter-finals African Champions League After occupying second place in the first group with 11 points, he won 3 matches, tied in 2, and lost once, and his players scored 11 goals as the strongest offensive line, and conceded 6 times.

While Sun Downs rose to the top of Group Two with 13 points, he won 4 games, tied on one occasion, lost the same, scored 10 goals, and conceded 4 goals.

The match Al-Ahly and Sun Downs is transferred to BBC Sports 4, with the voice of the Egyptian sports commentator “Ali Mohamed Ali,” as it was broadcast on Bein Sport Connect.

The confrontation between Al-Ahly and Sun Downs is managed by Senegalese referee Majiti Nday, and the start whistle starts at 19:00 GMT, 21:00 Egyptian time, 22:00 Saudi time.

Ahly 2-0 Sun Downs

Al-Ahly stadium we peace (Cairo)

African Champions League (Round of 8 first leg)


  • Welcome to this live broadcast of the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals
  • I accompany you for the next 90 minutes (Mahmoud Maher) from the live broadcast center on Mercato Day
  • Update this page firstly to learn about the match’s events + if the broadcast video has been stopped from YouTube in order to find a new video.
  • Al-Ahly squad today: Muhammad Al-Shennawy – Badr Banoon – Rami Rabia – Ayman Ashraf – Muhammad Hani – Amr Al-Soulia – Alio Diang – Taher Muhammad Taher – Hussein Al-Shahat – Muhammad Magdi Afsha – Muhammad Sharif.
  • The Sun Downs lineup today: Onyango – Liposa – Coetzee – Nascimento – Morena – Mapoy – Mkhulisi – Modiba – Shaloli – Gaston Sereno – Mutoba.

first half

African Champions League | The result of the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match
African Champions League | The result of the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match “Yellow plays, Red wins.”
  • 19 ” A yellow card for the heart of Al-Ahly defense, “Ramy Rabia”
  • 23rd minute Gowol… Al-Ahly’s first goal was a missile shot by Taher Mohamed Taher after dribbling the defender with the left foot, then shooting with the right foot curved on the far left of the goalkeeper, who flew on it to no avail.
  • Minute 23 ″ Made the goal “Aliou Diang” with an elaborate longitudinal pass.
  • 29th minute “ A yellow card for the heart of Al-Ahly Defense, “Badr Bannon”
  • The 32nd minute The referee almost gave Rami Rabia a second yellow card after a strong engagement with Sereno in the middle of Al-Ahly Stadium, but he backed down and contented himself with warning him for the last time.
  • The 36th minute The referee disregards an express expulsion and refuses to award a 100% correct penalty kick in favor of Al-Ahly club, after its striker “Mohamed Sharif” was hit by goalkeeper Onyango on the borders of the Sun Downs penalty area.
  • 40 minute A very significant decline in the level of Al-Ahly, and the referee helps Sun Downs with strange arbitration decisions. However, this does not prevent the apparent inaction of Al-Ahly players, especially Hussein Al-Shahat, Amr Al-Soleya and Rami Rabia.
  • 45 The whistle at the end of the first half, with Al-Ahly advancing 1-0.

Second half

African Champions League | Watch the video goals of Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match

  • 45 A first change in the ranks of Al-Ahly with the departure of defender Rami Rabia and the descent of Yasser Ibrahim .. It seems that Musimani is very concerned about the expulsion of one of his players.
  • 56 minutes ″ A very dangerous opportunity for Sun Downs, a cross on the post near a corner kick, the striker turned with a header in the narrow corner to narrowly move Mohamed El Shennawy away to a new corner
  • Minute 61 ″ A yellow card for Al-Ahly’s back, Ayman Ashraf.
  • Minute 61 ″ A new change in Al-Ahly by the descent of Salah Mohsen to replace Hussein Al-Shahat.
  • 68 minutes ″ The first Sun Downs changes by descending Erasmus instead of Sereno.
  • Minute 75 ″ A third change in Al-Ahly, by going to Junior Ajay, replacing Taher Mohamed Taher.
  • Minute 71 Oooooooooooooooo… a strong shot from the 18th line of the “Motoba” player, Al-Ahly goalkeeper “Mohamed Al-Shennawi” removed with the tips of his fingers from the left scissors to a corner.
  • Minute 79 ″ A yellow card against Sun Downs player “Makhulsi”.
  • Minute 79 ″ The second change of Sun Downs with the participation of Lakai instead of Modiba.
  • Minute 83 ″ A third change for Sun Downs, with the participation of Makhma instead of Motoba, who had the most dangerous second-half chances for the away team.
  • Minute 83 ″ Two recent changes in Al-Ahly by Mahmoud Wahid and Walter Bwalia, instead of Ayman Ashraf and Mohamed Sharif.
  • 89th minute Goooooooooooooooooow… Salah Mohsen scores Al-Ahly’s second goal with an amazing follow-up to a long pass sent by “Junior Ajay” on the borders of the penalty area, which crossed over the goalkeeper Onyango, who went out wrongly, to receive Salah Mohsen and pay into the empty net ..
  • Minute 90 The referee adds three minutes of wasted time.
  • Minute 91 ″ The fall of Mohamed Magdy Afsha inside the region, and calls for a penalty kick, but the referee indicates the continuation of the game.
  • Minute 93 ″ Whistle at the end of the match Al-Ahly won the same result it won in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals last season against Sun Downs.


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