Leicester City stun Chelsea and crowned for the first time the FA Cup – Sports – international stadiums


Leicester City won the FA Cup for the first time in its history after its difficult 1-0 victory over Chelsea during the match that brought them together on Saturday..

Leicester owes the win to Yuri Telemans, who scored the game’s only goal in the 63rd minute.

This is Leicester’s first title in the FA Cup after losing four finals in the past, the last of which was 52 years ago, specifically in 1969, and it is the second major title achieved by the team after winning the Premier League title in 2016..

Chelsea still has a chance to claim the title this season when it faces Manchester City on the 29th of this month in the Champions League final..

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League with 64 points, while Leicester City ranks third with 66 points..

The Chelsea team imposed its control over the course of the match from its inception and continued its attacking attempts in search of an early goal that relaxes the nerves of its players and confuses Leicester City players, who started the match in a defensive way to absorb the enthusiasm of the Chelsea players while relying on counter-attacks..

Despite successive attempts by the Chelsea team and some offensive skirmishes by the Leicester players, they failed to form any real danger to the other’s goal so that the play is limited to the midfield..

Chelsea’s attempts were represented in some corrections by Timo Werner and Mason Mount, but all of these shot either collided with the defenders or came far from the goal, on the other hand, Leicester relied on longitudinal balls and exploited Jimmy Vardy’s speed, but also all attempts came far from the goal..

There were no real opportunities for the two teams in the first half, which was mostly confined to play in the midfield to end in a goalless draw..

With the start of the second half, Leicester City gave up their defensive caution and tried to exchange Chelsea for attacks in search of goals. At the same time, Chelsea’s offensive attempts continued, but both of them also failed to form any real danger to the other’s goal..

The situation remained the same until the 63rd minute, which saw Leicester City score the goal, when Yuri Telemans hit a powerful ball from outside the penalty area to embrace his goal..

After the goal, the Chelsea team intensified its offensive attempts in search of an equalizer, in contrast, Leicester City retreated to the center of the stadium to maintain its progress and clean the net..

Chelsea almost equaled the score in the 78th minute when I played a cross from the right side Ben Chilwell rose to it and met it with a powerful header, but Schmeichel touched it with the tips of his fingers to hit the right post before it came out for a corner kick that was not used.

Chelsea’s offensive attempts to score the equalizing goal continued, which nearly scored in the 87th minute when Mason Montt fired a powerful ball from inside the penalty area that Schmeichel turned with the tips of his fingers into a corner kick, but it was not used..

In the 89th minute, the referee canceled a goal for Chelsea when Thiago Silva played a long ball behind Leicester City defenders to Chilwell, who entered the penalty area and played it towards the goal, but Leicester player Chalar Swingo removed it from the goal line to collide with West Morgan’s foot before crossing the goal line, but the referee canceled the goal after Return to video assistant referee technology as a result of Chilwell’s infiltration.

Chelsea’s attacking attempts continued in search of an equalizer, but he failed to do so due to the good defense of the Leicester players, so the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match with Leicester City 1-0 victory.



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