Leicester are FA Cup champions at the expense of Chelsea


Leicester City won the FA Cup for the first time in its history after its difficult victory over Chelsea 1-0 during the match that brought them together on Saturday.

Leicester owes the win to Yuri Telemans, who scored the game’s only goal in the 63rd minute.

In the 89th minute, the referee canceled a goal for Chelsea when Thiago Silva played a ball behind Leicester City defenders to Chilwell, who entered the penalty area and played it towards the goal, but Leicester player Chalar Swingo removed it from the goal line to collide with West Morgan’s foot before crossing the goal line, but the referee canceled the goal after returning VAR technology is the result of Chilwell’s infiltration.

Chelsea still has a chance to claim the title this season when it faces Manchester City on the 29th of this month in the Champions League final.

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League with 64 points, while Leicester City ranks third with 66 points.


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