Lebleba on her appearance at a wedding after the funeral of Samir Ghanem: “Don’t dance”


The Egyptian actress, Lebleh, responded to the criticism that she was exposed to because of her presence, accompanied by a number of her colleagues, at the wedding of the son of the Egyptian businessman Ali Gemayel, hours after her presence at the funeral of the late artist Samir Ghanem.

Lebleba said that she was in El Gouna before hearing the news of Samir Ghanem’s death, and that she returned to Cairo specially to attend the funeral, then she returned to El Gouna in order to attend the wedding ceremony and do her homework.

As for the video circulating on social media, which shows signs of joy and happiness on her face while the artist Amr Diab is reviving the wedding, Lebleba said: “It did not happen. I used to greet the father and mother of the groom when they were on stage, but I did not dance for example or move from my place. Where I left Al-Farah and returned to my place of residence, and at that time I received a call from the team preparing the program (The Story) for the media, Amr Adib, to make a telephone conversation with him about Samir Ghanem, and there was no music or joy at the time of my intervention. ”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Elham Shaheen, had previously confirmed that she did not attend any weddings, whether in El Gouna or in Cairo, indicating that the circulating picture of her was taken in El Gouna only one day before the death of Samir Ghanem.

Lebleba confirmed that Elham Shaheen was there with a group of Syrian friends, and as soon as she learned the next day of Samir Ghanem’s death, she, Leila Alawi and Hala Sidqi returned to participate in the funeral, especially since Samir Ghanem is a dear friend and has a special place for them.

And a sensation was raised in Egypt on social media, due to a number of female artists attending the wedding of the son of a businessman in El Gouna, Friday night, and dancing, after they appeared in black at the funeral of the star Samir Ghanem on the same morning, showing signs of sadness for him.


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