Lebanon’s Foreign Minister apologizes for his insulting remarks to the Kingdom: “Most of those who are not at fault”


Beirut (Echo):

The Lebanese Foreign Minister in the caretaker government, Charbel Wahba, apologized for his offensive statements to the Kingdom during a television interview with Al-Hurra.

Charbel Wahba said in a statement that he did not intend to offend any of the brotherly Arab countries or peoples, pointing out: “I am interested in stressing once again that some inappropriate expressions that I issued in the course of excitement rejected the unacceptable offenses directed at His Excellency the President of the Republic, She is the type that I do not hesitate to apologize for. ”

He explained: “The intention was not, neither yesterday, nor before nor after, to offend any of the brotherly Arab countries or peoples, whose efforts to improve and develop relations with them have not ceased, for the common good and interest, and always on the basis of mutual respect.”

He continued, “Most of those who do not make mistakes in this forest are from the interwoven branches,” and this came after “Wahba” attacked the Saudi political analyst Salman Al-Ansari, describing him as a Bedouin.


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