Launching a trial version of the Clubhouse app on Android phones


The company operating the Clubhouse app announced, on Sunday, the launch of a trial version of its app for users of Google’s Android operating system in the United States.

The app’s popularity soared early this year after voice chatter by the famous American billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, and others, prompting startups and major competitors such as Facebook and Twitter to offer simulated versions of it.

The app is currently only available to Apple iPhone users and by receiving an invitation to join it. But the number of downloads for the app, which is a measure of its popularity, has fallen sharply.

This has raised questions about the viability of its continued success and whether people staying home for longer periods during the pandemic are among the reasons for this success.

It is expected that the long-awaited version of the application on the Android system will reach more new users in the world, as it will reach other markets that speak English and then to the rest of the world within days and weeks after the trial version is launched in the American market.

Fierce competition

Clubhouse’s popularity has prompted many competing platforms, including Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify and Reddit, to develop a form of live audio product.

This includes nearly all the heavyweight social networks covering billions of users across different sectors.

With the attack of new voice-chat products, the appeal of Club House has faded a bit, with recent data from the analytics firm Sensor Tower indicating that app downloads in March fell by 72% compared to the previous month.

Which prompted the company to release an application for the Android system as soon as possible, or it may lose a large part of its potential user base through Spaces from Twitter or Voice Chat 2.0 from Telegram, which is available to many users via Android.

The company has not yet shared a timeline for the release of its Android app, but given that it is available to some users via the beta channel, it is expected to roll out more widely in the coming weeks.

It is reported that the application for iOS only made a big splash after its launch in March of last year because it contains an invitation system to make people feel special and a new style of voice interaction in real time without recording features.


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