Latest news – a global ranking Morocco holds a backward position in fixed internet speed


The Kingdom was ranked late in the global classification of countries in terms of fixed and mobile internet flow speed, as part of the results of the global index “Speed ​​Test”, which is specialized in the field of Internet speed analysis and testing.

And according to what the index stated in its report for last March, Morocco ranked 112 globally out of 177 countries in terms of fixed internet flow speed, as it advanced five degrees, and one degree in the mobile Internet speed classification, to rank 60th in the world.

The same report stated that the speed of the Internet in Morocco does not exceed 25.05 megabytes per second for fixed lines, and it reaches 36.36 megabytes per second for mobile phones.

The United Arab Emirates and Singapore topped the list with the best quality of fixed and mobile internet in the world, while Turkmenistan and Mauritania topped the global list, among the worst in the world.

The source of the original news site: Sultana


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