Laa Al-Rai .. Lebanon is not a missile platform or a smuggling crossing


Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai stressed the need to control the borders and prevent Lebanon from being used as a launching pad for missiles and exposing it to new wars.

New no’s included in the sermon of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rai, today, Sunday, between refusing to use Lebanese territory as a launching pad for rockets, or to use it as a transit for smuggling.

Al-Rahi refused to involve Lebanon in wars again, calling on the authorities to control the borders with Israel, and to prevent the use of Lebanese territory as a platform for launching missiles.

Al-Rahi said, referring to what happened on the Lebanese-Israeli borders recently: As rockets were launched and protests took place that led to tension between the two parties in the past two days, and a Hezbollah member was killed: “Beware that some are directly or through auxiliary parties involved in what is happening and expose Lebanon to new wars. All the Lebanese have paid enough in these uncontrolled conflicts. The Lebanese people are not ready to destroy their country again, any more than what is destroyed. ”

Al-Ra’i described what is happening between Israel and the Palestinian people as a dangerous qualitative shift in the course of the conflict over land and identity, calling on Israel to seriously and explicitly recognize the existence of the rights of the Palestinian people, stating that it is impossible for it to live in peace without accepting a viable Palestinian state.

Al-Rahi stressed that there are peaceful ways of solidarity with the Palestinian people without involving Lebanon militarily, calling for an approach that combines neutrality and support for the rights of the Palestinian people.

On the issue of smuggling in Lebanon, in which Hezbollah is accused of being involved, Al-Ra’i affirmed in his sermon, “We absolutely do not accept that the land border crossings become a center for smuggling, and the airport and the port are conduits for waste.”

With regard to the stagnation of the path of forming the government, he called on officials in Lebanon to move the negotiations, considering the political stalemate as “a crime against the nation and the people.”

The Maronite Patriarch warned the Lebanese factions not to wait for regional and international developments as a way to a solution, stressing that the stage requires assuming responsibility and facing challenges and overcoming them, not escaping from them and letting them fester.

Al-Ra’i’s statement comes in light of the continuing stalemate in the negotiations to form the government, six months after Saad Hariri was appointed, and the formation faltered The result of the race for ministerial shares.

A few months ago, the Maronite Patriarch proposed an initiative for a political solution in Lebanon through holding an international conference, but it was met with rejection by Hezbollah. Who is afraid to topple the popularity of the Christian cover represented by its ally, the Free Patriotic Movement.


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