Kuwaiti jewelers reveal the fact that she has recovered from the disease


(MENAFN – Akhbar Al Khaleej) Kuwaiti actress Jawaher denied the rumors about her recovery from cancer and her return to her country, Kuwait. Kuwaiti Jawaher documented a video clip through her account on the “Instagram” site, in which she wished to be drawn The news of her from her accounts on “ Snapchat and Instagram, indicating that the news of her recovery ” ‘A good omen, but it caused confusion among her family and those close to her.

Kuwaiti Jawaher wished that there would be credibility in conveying the news of her illness, stressing that until this moment she is still alive She is receiving treatment for cancer in the British capital, London.

The Kuwaiti artist indicated that her private phone has not been silent since yesterday, due to the talk about the news of her recovery from… Cancer, she thanked everyone and wished a cure for herself and the sick Muslims. Kuwaiti artist Jawaher had announced that she had cancer in February of 2020.



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