Klopp reconciles Salah in his own way against Manchester United .. He made his dream come true!


A distinctive gesture.

Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford brought many positives to the Reds, but perhaps the biggest positivity belongs to Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

Salah had scored a goal from a quick rebound, his first in the Premier League at Old Trafford, and his number 30 overall this season in various competitions.

The most prominent shot ever in the match was when Jurgen Klopp directed Jorginho Vainaldum and inserted Curtis Jones in the second half, and with it the captaincy was awarded to Mohamed Salah.

Despite the presence of players in terms of seniority, older than Salah, on the stadium and had previously worn the captaincy, Klopp decided to award the Egyptian international the badge for the first time in the Premier League.

His celebration is moving despite the pressures he is exposed to … Reactions to Salah against Manchester United

What the German coach did may be a reconciliation from him to Salah, who had previously made statements in which he confirmed that he was angry at not wearing the captaincy in a Champions League match, in a situation similar to today’s match.

But now, with Klopp submitting to the will of the 29-year-old, things may be much reconciled between the player and the club in light of the constant news of Salah’s desire to leave at the end of this season.

A very smart move by Klopp wanted to emphasize what Salah represented to his battalion, and that Al-Masry’s dreams may be “orders” as long as they can be met.

It is worth noting that Liverpool’s victory was important in the competition for the Golden Square, as it narrowed the gap with the fourth Chelsea to four points with a lesser match for Klopp’s battalion, and two rounds before the end.


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