Klopp flirts with Mohamed Salah … what did he say? (the video)


The German coach, Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC, congratulated the Egyptian international “Reds” star Mohamed Salah on his being crowned the Laureus Award for Sports Inspiration for the year 2021 on Thursday.

Klopp said in a video posted on the official account of the Laureus Prize website: “Salah definitely deserves the award. Congratulations, Mo, you deserve a lot of prizes, it’s a big prize for you.”

The 53-year-old German coach added: “When you talk about Mohamed Salah, you think first and foremost about a distinguished footballer, a great goalscorer and a great player from a tactical standpoint.”Klopp continued: “If I told you that Salah is a better person than being a player, then you will have the ability to imagine what kind of person he is.”

He concluded, “Certainly, Salah knows very well that without the presence of other people in sports, he cannot win individual prizes in the round witch, but in this case it is your prize alone, as you are really an inspiration to many, congratulations again and a worthy award.”

“If I tell you that he’s an even better person than he is a player, then you might be able to imagine what kind of guy he is” 👑

The boss congratulates @MoSalah on his # Laureus21 Sporting Inspiration award 👏👏👏 📹 @LaureusSport pic.twitter.com/RqmqvZjKzI

Source: Russia Today


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