“Kings of Al-Jadana” series, episode 23, a transformation in a secret life and a ship after the death of Zahi Al-Attal


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The series “Kings of Al-Jadana”, episode 23, witnessed hot and interesting events after the great transformation in the life of a ship and the secret and their riches after the death of Zahi Al-Attal.

The series “Kings of Jada”, episode 23

Among the most prominent events of episode 23 of the series “Kings of Jadana” is the great transformation in the life of a ship and a secret after the death of Zahi Al-Attal, and their work with senior gangsters after him. The company of “Amr Saad” surprised the people of the popular neighborhood in which he lived by returning to her in an expensive car, as well as a new block. His wealth in front of the neighborhood after working with a gangster after getting rid of Zahi Al Attal, “Amr Abdel Jalil”.

Events of the series “Kings of Al-Jadaanah”

Sariya went to admonish his brother Saeed, who told him that he felt guilt and remorse after the death of his mother, “Attiyat” Dalal Abdel Aziz, and did not want to move out of her apartment because of his longing for her, but Sariya surprises him by beating him, blaming him and not forgiving him because he caused her crisis before her death. That was after he put drugs in her car, gave him a lot of money secrecy and told him that he would fulfill his mother’s will to take care of him, but he would not forgive him.

The series “Kings of Al-Jadaanah”

On the other hand, a ship is still looking for a safe place for the sake of “Rawan”, which she fears her husband will kidnap and take revenge on her, and after a long search trip he decided to spend her night in the street and stand by her to protect her, and the relationship between them develops, and the story of their love is renewed, which ended after Her marriage to a businessman, but she returns to a ship, which causes her to fall into a crisis with her husband, who decided to take revenge on her.

The previous episode of the series “Kings of Al-Jadana” witnessed the arrival of a ship to a major merchant in order to sell him diamonds. After his meeting, he discovers that this man was Zahi the porter’s boss before his death, and confirms to a ship that he was following up all the actions he carried out with a company against the porter and his men. He also explains that the diamonds were his property before the porter took him, and that he is the person known to him by the nickname “the ghost”, and he asks a ship to work with him and join his men because he admires his courage as well as his and his former friend’s secret intelligence in dropping the porter and their access to prohibited items as well as diamonds, and he agrees Ship to give him diamonds in exchange for 5 million pounds.

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