Kazem El Saher in the first song of his words .. – Ambassador of the North


In the video: Kazem El Saher, with his first song.

The Iraqi singer Kazem El Saher released a new song entitled “Al Hayat”, through which he went through for the first time the experience of writing. It was composed and distributed by the Lebanese music distributor Michel Fadel.

In the 14-minute song, Al-Saher talks about desertion of friends, loneliness, the scourge of war and destruction.

The beginning of the song says: “I drank from her cups of pigment until boredom .. and lived in her torment .. unbearable depression .. I blessed until her betrayal .. and did not part with hope .. I resisted her in her cunning .. Whoever ruled the mind arrived, who did not recover from his delusion .. Then he Asah, don’t ask.


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