Judge Aoun to Bilal Abdullah: Have the judges ’opinion been taken?


Member of the Democratic Gathering Bloc, Representative Bilal Abdullah, tweeted on his account via Twitter, writing: “Next week we finish our work as a sub-committee for the Law of the Independence of the Judiciary, after a concerted effort to reconcile the criteria required to ensure the maximum possible impact of political power on the judiciary, and between securing the foundations of justice and the arrival of the citizen. Catch him as soon as possible. ”

He concluded by saying: “All our appreciation to the president, the members, the judicial team and the secretariat of the committee.”

Later, the Attorney General of Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, responded to MP Bilal Abdullah’s tweet and asked: “Has the opinion of the judges or those involved in this law been taken?”

And she requested that “a copy be distributed to the judges so that each of us can make our observations.”

Aoun continued, “Sometimes, notes can be purely a process arising from daily practice, and this law will be applied for decades, perhaps so that it is very important for judges to have their opinion on it and for a small committee to take over.”

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