Jerusalem News Agency – Secrets of the Lebanese Newspapers published today, Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Construction: the subtleties and scenes


A Gulf official said that Lebanon represents the balance of sizes and roles in the region, so it is divided in the phases of regional and international confrontations, and when the settlements begin, it must wait because it has satisfaction prizes and volumes drawn after stabilizing the balances in the main arenas. This will take months.

The subtleties

A Western diplomat in Beirut said that Lebanese politicians were the ones who punished French President Emmanuel Macron and his foreign minister for lectures of chastity and transcendence, believing that the concerned political class is an isolated political class opposite a Lebanese street that supports France and that they are corrupt and France has no interests and the outcome is equivalent to weakness and interest.

Major General: Secrets

Insiders convey the discomfort of a Western capital from the data it has about the reasons for the failure of a planned meeting between two poles in it.

The process of ending the school and university academic year faces more than one dilemma, in terms of promotion, payment of installments, and admission to universities!

Influential bodies hold sectoral breakfasts, for some close elites, and these keep them out of the limelight!

Call home: the subtleties

Potato growers’ voices began to rise in Akkar, fearing a depressed season, in light of the closure of the Gulf markets for exports and the fear of opening markets for the import of Egyptian potatoes.

A state of concern prevails in some ministries in light of the fear of scrutiny of the files of imported subsidized goods, their impurities and tampering with quantities and prices.

Some Arab countries are considering suspending the effects of an agreement to facilitate and develop trade exchange between Arab countries, due to tampering with certificates of origin and the exploitation of facilities in the aforementioned agreement to smuggle contraband between member states.

The Republic: Secrets

This is what a great spiritual reference said

A great spiritual authority who told a presidential authority that all the positions attributed to him by sources close to him are incorrect and contain a lot of diligence.

Sect rights

Partisan circles consider that whoever demands the rights of his community is the one who forfeits it.

Complaints at home and abroad …

Human rights authorities began preparing to file complaints at home and abroad to prosecute a senior official if he insisted on violating the constitution and harming the depositors’ money from the compulsory reserve.


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