Japanese “Casio” unveils its new smart watch .. here are its features!


The Japanese company “Kazio” unveiled its new smart watch from the “G-SHOCK” series, which is one of the most popular “Casio” smart watches that track the fitness.According to the Russian agency “Sputnik” on the “Gizmo China” website, the new “G Shock GBA900” watch is one of the most popular “Casio” smart watches following fitness with many other features.

The company pointed out that the watch contains built-in sensors that track some aspects of the user’s fitness system, and is characterized by shock resistance and water and includes world time for 48 cities. In addition, it is compatible with “Android” and “iOS” devices.The watch has a classic look with a slim case of 16.6mm, and it has a large round face measuring 51.3 x 48.9mm with an analog dial at the top to track performance.

The company set the price of the new smartwatch at $ 130, and it can be obtained from the “Casio” website and other retailers.

Source: Sputnik


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