It published pictures of “ISIS” crimes … The French judiciary acquitted Marine Le Pen


On Tuesday, the French judiciary acquitted the leader of the French far-right, Marine Le Pen, prosecution for publishing in 2015 tweets that included pictures of violations committed by “ISIS”, explaining in particular that his decision comes in the framework of respecting freedom of expression.The court in Nanterre, near Paris, recognized the existence of a “media dimension” in the publication of the photos, which “is part of a process of political protest.” And publishing “contributes to public debate” as long as it does not “diminish the significance” of violence.

The president of the National Assembly was being tried on charges of disseminating violent and very insulting messages with human dignity, “possibly a minor would have seen them.”

The public prosecutor has requested the imposition of a fine on Le Pen of 5,000 euros.The accusation relates to tweets published about six years ago, a few weeks after the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, on November 13, 2015, which were claimed by ISIS, which resulted in 130 dead and hundreds of wounded.

Le Pen had published three photos on Twitter, showing a Syrian soldier being crushed alive under a tank, the Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, burning in a cage, and the American hostage, James Foley, after he was beheaded and placed on his back.

She attached it to the phrase “This is ISIS!” In response to the French journalist Jean-Jacques-Bourdain, who you accuse of having “compared” the extremist organization to its party, which was called the National Front at the time.

The publication of the photos sparked a storm of protests in the ranks of the left – which was then in government – and the right alike and outside political circles.

On Tuesday, the court considered that the publication of these photos constituted an “appropriate” response to Le Pen to a “controversial attack”.

The court also ruled that the publication did not take “any propaganda character because the photos were accompanied by comments” written by the deputies who did not “underestimate” or “positively show violence.”

“It is a great victory for the law because freedom of expression was at stake in this file, and this freedom of expression was recognized by a first-class political leader,” said Rudolf Poselot, Le Pen’s lawyer.


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