Is Netanyahu heading towards the end of the road? Financial Times


Israelis demonstrate against Benjamin Netanyahu on March 20, 2021 in Jerusalem

Photo released, Getty Images

We start viewing the British newspapers with an opinion article at The Financial Times, titled “Benjamin Netanyahu May Be at the End of the Road.”

In the introduction to the article, the newspaper says that Israel is “stuck in a political deadlock,” but despite that, “no one in the fragmented Israeli political spectrum enjoys the strong support that Netanyahu enjoys.”

“Israel is now looking at an impractical minority government, which is described as a unity government, which looks like a caretaker administration without a real agenda, which could even enable the return of Netanyahu,” she added.

The newspaper refers to the new president charged with forming a government, Yair Lapid, who “proposes a government that extends from left to far right, to be voted on by a simple majority of the 120-member Knesset, but only if an Islamic party supported by Israeli Arabs abstains.”


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