Is “Mani” jealous of Mohamed Salah? .. 3 facts reveal the relationship between the Senegalese and “Mo” (video)


Thank you for reading a story about whether “Mani” is jealous of Mohamed Salah? .. 3 facts that reveal the relationship between the Senegalese and “Mo” (video). Now we start with the details.

Abu Dhabi – by Noha Ismail – Mohamed Salah, national team player and team player Leferball The Englishman became referred to as the archenemy of his Senegalese colleague Sadio Mane, and the Senegalese became accused of jealousy of Mohamed Salah during the last period, especially in the Manchester United meeting in which Salah managed to score the fourth goal, but Mane refused to participate in the celebration of the goal.

In the following lines, we present 3 facts from the Senegalese star against the Egyptian star, due to the brilliance of “Mo”, his scoring of goals and the kidnapping of stardom from the Teranga Lion inside Liverpool, so did his actions lead to jealousy of the Egyptian star?

The goal scored by Mohamed Salah against Manchester United showed Sadio Mane’s jealousy against Mohamed Salah, especially since the Senegalese star refused to go to Mo and only shake hands with one of the players within his team’s ranks. The Senegalese player did a strange act after the end of the match, after refusing to shake hands. His German coach Jurgen Klopp.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted former Liverpool star Michael Owen’s statements regarding Mohamed Salah’s relationship with his colleague Sadio Mane, the Reds star. Michael Owen insisted that Sadio Mane’s relationship with Mohamed Salah was very bad, and that he was jealous of the Egyptian when he scored goals. Owen explained that the Senegalese refused to fall into the penalty area ChelseaSo that Salah does not score a goal, during the meeting that took place between Liverpool and Chelsea last March.

The English Daily Star newspaper, in which it explained the exciting shot between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mani, after the Pharaoh scored the goal of leading the Reds against Manchester City in the match that was held in November of last year, an explanation that was difficult to believe, as the newspaper claimed that the dialogue between the stars of Liverpool in the shot that it monitored TV cameras and millions of people watched it, but it reveals the unpleasant feelings of Sadio Mani towards his team-mate Mohamed Salah, without being able to provide clear justifications or an explanation for this claim, and to the details as reported by the newspaper.

Sadio Mane, player of the Senegalese national team and the English team, Liverpool, refused to shake hands with his German coach, Juergen Klopp, after the end of the Liverpool and Manchester United match, which was held on Thursday evening, and ended with the Reds winning by four to two goals within the 34th week of the competition. Premier League.

Liverpool coach Klopp tried to shake hands with Sadio Mane after the match ended, but the Teranga Lion refused to shake his coach and moved to the Reds’ dressing room inside Old Trafford, home of Manchester United.

Soon, pictures spread about Mane refusing to grace his coach Juergen Klopp, and comments poured in on this situation, which gathered many followers, that the reason that Sadio Mane did not shake hands with his coach Klopp, Mohamed Salah, who participated in the meeting in full and carried the leadership of the badge although Mane is the oldest .

The professional Liverpool team, within its ranks, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, won a precious victory at the expense of his Manchester United counterpart, with four goals to two goals, in the match that brought the two teams together Thursday 13-5-2021 at Old Trafford, and postponed from the 34th round of the English Premier League football « Premierleigh ».

Manchester United advanced with a goal through Liverpool defender Phillips in his own net after Bruno Fernandes ‘shot in the 10th minute, and Diogo Jota equalized in the 34th minute of his follow-up to Phillips’ shot in the middle of Darbaka in the Manchester penalty area, before Roberto Firmino scored the second goal for Liverpool in the second minute of time. The stoppage with a superb header ended the first half, leading Liverpool 2-1.

In the second half, Liverpool scored a quick goal through Firmino in the 47th minute, and Rashford reduced the score by scoring the second goal for Manchester United in the 68th minute.

In the 90th minute, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah set off alone from the middle of the field to deposit the ball in the net, scoring the fourth goal of his team while carrying the captaincy of the team that he wore after Vinaldom’s exit, to end the match with Liverpool’s 4-2 victory. With this victory, Liverpool raised its tally to point 60 in fifth place, while Manchester United stuck at point 70 in second place.


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