Is Kisho cooperating with Tamara and Mary against Nadine in a “civil war”?


New developments witnessed in episode 23 of the series Civil War of Najma Yusra, which is broadcast on the cbc channel, throughout the month of Ramadan, and when Kisho – Amr Saleh, Habib Tamara – Jamila Awad, went to the house of Yusra – Maryam in order to be next to Tamara and Mary in these circumstances after the death of Nour – Mayan Al-Sayed, Maryam heard – that behind the killing of Nour is Nadine – Senita Khalifeh, and he began to doubt.

And the events followed, with Kisho going to Nadine – Senita Khalifa in her villa to ask her if she had a hand, she and Youssef – Basil Khayat, in killing Mayan Sayyid – Nour or not, and doubts began to enter him. Will Kisho cooperate with Maryam and Tamara to take revenge on Nadine and Youssef in the series Civil War Episode 24, Today’s episode is Thursday.

Hussein – Khaled Hajjaj, brother of Nour – Mayan Al-Sayed, refused to give money and papers to Youssef – Basil Khayyat, according to what he agreed with, and negotiated with him and asked him for 2 million pounds, in return for the papers that were in Yusra’s treasury.

The prosecution summoned Basil Khayyat – Youssef and Senita Khalifa – Nadine, to be interrogated, while Yusra – Mariam accused them of killing Nour – Mayan Al-Sayed, and the two denied this accusation, and Youssef confirmed in the investigation that Maryam – Yusra was a psychiatric patient and was being treated in the clinic for him.

The series “Civil War” starring Yusra, Basil Khayyat, Arwa Gouda, Cynthia Khalifa, Jamila Awad, Mayan Al-Sayed, Rushdi Al-Shami, Mahmoud Hegazy, Marwa Al-Azali, Berlitni Fouad, and a number of other artists. It is written by Ahmed Adel, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and produced by United For media services with the participation of El Adl Group, the producer, Gamal El Adl, is shown on CBC and CBC, a drama.


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