Interesting pictures .. Hyundai unveils a new generation of electric cars


Hyundai is preparing to compete strongly in the race to manufacture electric cars with the new generation of “Ionec” models.

According to the “Inside EV” website, which specializes in auto news, next year 2022, Hyundai will launch the “IONIC 6” electric model, which is the new generation of Hyundai’s distinguished “Ionic” electric models.

Ionec 6 will be offered in the sedan category, and so far Hyundai has revealed nothing but interesting shots of the model.

The IONIC 6 model is expected to operate with more electrical capabilities than the previous generation, and includes the engine, which is expected to have a travel range between 404 and 435 miles as a maximum to charge its batteries.

In terms of cost, “Inside EV” believes that the model will be available for sale at a starting price of $ 42,000.

This comes in an effort by the Hyundai brand to achieve an average sales of its electric cars during the 2021/2022 period, for 160,000 cars.

“Veloster” and the end

At the same time, SUV cars have become very popular in recent years, which has prompted many companies to stop manufacturing some other categories.

The “hatchback” Hyundai Veloster model was hit hard by the popularity of SUVs, which prompted Hyundai to consider halting the car’s manufacturing.

Sales of the Floster model are down significantly, so Hyundai plans to stop manufacturing the product in the United States.

Since the beginning of 2021, only 200 copies of the Veloster have been sold in all parts of the United States, which prompted Hyundai to seriously consider raising it from the US market permanently.


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