“Institutional quarantine” for non-vaccinated people coming to the kingdom at their expense – Saudi News


In conjunction with the return of international flights, after Saudi citizens are allowed to travel outside the country in accordance with the health procedures for this stage, the institutional quarantine is a procedure for hosting arrivals from outside the Kingdom in specific locations for their quarantine at their own expense, and the quarantine is applied starting from the hour of arrival at the quarantine headquarters. The institutional health care allocated to them.

To whom is it applied?

It applies to all arrivals (non-vaccinated) from outside the Kingdom at the traveler’s expense.

where is he?

To be in a tourist accommodation facility licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, and eligible for quarantine in the city of arrival for arrivals.

How long is it

It is 7 days from the countries allowed, counted from the hour of arrival at the Institutional Quarantine headquarters.

When does it expire?

It ends for those whose second test result is negative, with no symptoms appearing at the time of the result, starting from the eighth day.

The traveler is required to obtain a valid passport (including the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf States).

All those under the age of eight are excluded from performing two PCR examinations for those coming from outside the Kingdom.

– Anyone who does not meet the conditions shall be returned.


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