Instagram will soon support users with the advantage of creating posts via the browser and computers


Developer Alessandro Paluzzi, in a tweet posted on Twitter, confirmed Instagram’s plans to support users soon with the advantage of creating and sharing content across computers and the browser.

Instagram developers are currently working on trying a new feature that allows users to create and create new posts via their computers or Chrome browser, which is one of the features required of application users.

The Paluzzi page has published a set of photos in the tweet, in which it reviews the new feature that is being tested at the present time, and it is expected that some changes will occur to the feature before it is officially paid to users.

Expectations indicate that creating posts on Instagram simulates the experience of creating content on the mobile application, as there is a button at the top of the application with a “+” symbol in a box that allows the user to add new posts from the browser or computer, by dragging and dropping pictures and videos from Browser or computer.

The feature will also support the user by editing photos, cutting pictures or adding filters before sharing them. The user will also be able to add caption words or locations for the images, and the user will also have the option to stop comments, and the feature is expected to be announced soon.



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