Informed source: Signs of the imminent calm of the Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip


Atlanta, USA (CNN) – Coinciding with the taking of a more assertive stance by US President Joe Biden and US officials towards their Israeli counterparts during the past 24 hours, some signs have appeared that the Israeli campaign on the Gaza Strip will gradually begin to calm down in the coming days, according to a source. Familiar with conversations.

While the source proposes a specific timeframe, the negotiations came to reinforce the belief within the US administration that the “quiet and intense” diplomacy pursued by the Biden administration is the right way to contain the situation, the person said.

The source revealed that the most prominent point in the private talks between the Americans and the Israelis was that the conflict is expanding to where there will be international condemnation of Israel, and he pointed out that this point was not a threat but a warning after talks between Washington and its international allies and partners from the region’s governments.

The American administration had announced that it would pursue a policy of calm and intensity in its attempt to stop the violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


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