India’s Cadila intends to provide data for vaccine tests against mutated strains of Corona


Patil told the newspaper, that the clinical trials of the third stage of the Zikoff-D vaccine will be representative of its effectiveness against many of the mutated strains of the Corona virus that appeared in this wave.He added, in statements reported on Saturday by Bloomberg News, that this is the largest experiment that has been conducted so far in the country, and that the company has recruited more than 28,000 volunteers.

Cadila is also working to obtain approval to give the vaccine to children over the age of 12, according to the report, citing an unnamed source.

Bloomberg reported that the Ahmedabad-based company has tested the Zikov-D vaccine on more than 1,500 children as part of its ongoing third-phase trials.

According to the report, no other vaccine has been tested for children.

Once the company gets the approval, the report said, Cadila plans to produce up to 240 million doses annually at its facilities in Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

First, Cadila plans to supply the vaccines to India, and eventually export them to other countries.


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