Independiente awaits the fine after breaching the isolation .. What are the details?


Brazil’s health regulatory authority said that the authorities had filed a complaint against Independiente after the Argentine team left the isolation hotel for a match against Bahia in the Copa Sudamericana soccer cup.Independiente traveled to Salvador, Brazil, on Tuesday, but discovered 11 members were infected with the Corona virus.

The injured returned to Argentina, and the remaining members of the mission were informed to remain in isolation and to leave Brazil within three days.However, the “Anvisa” health authority said that the Argentine team ignored the matter and went to face “Bahia” in the group stage with “Copa Sudamericana”, the match that ended in a 2-2 draw.

The health authority indicated that when it learned of the matter, it asked the Federal Police to meet its officials at the stadium, but the police did not go to the stadium, and the “Invisa” officials went to the airport to prevent the “Independiente” players from returning to Buenos Aires and filed a formal complaint.

“(Independiente) will face fines starting at 2,000 Brazilian reals. He was informed of the possibility of an appeal within 15 days if he wanted to,” Anvisa said in a statement.Independiente players also face criminal charges.


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