In the video, “Al Muammar” reveals how to pay off the owed debts … and explains an advantage in victory that is not present in other clubs!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sports journalist Turki Al-Ajma asked the president of Al-Nasr Club, Musli Al Muammar, about how to solve the problem of financial efficiency after talking about nearly 300 million outstanding debts due from the club.

300 million debts
Al-Ajamah said during the episode of the “Koura” program broadcast on “Rotana Khaleejia” channel, directing his speech to the president of Al-Nasr Club: “Al-Nasr management is said to be one of the wealthy departments in the Saudi League and behind it stands the support symbol Khaled bin Fahd. Information that the debts of Al-Nasr Club, due and due, are approximately 300 million, meaning that you need 300 million to be able to hold the pen and sign with any player.

The most important feature of Al-Nasr club
The President of Victory responded, saying: “If we do not acknowledge the challenges and difficulties, this means that we are laughing at ourselves.” He continued: “Al-Nasr Club is not the only club that owes debts. All popular clubs, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, have obligations and debts, and Al-Nasr Club has an advantage, which is the presence of supporters, on top of whom is Prince Khaled bin Fahd, and the presence of 45 golden members, all of whom are enthusiastic to support the club, and I think there is a club that has this. The number of supporters ”. He pointed out that this is an advantage that distinguishes Al-Nasr club from other clubs.

Method of debt repayment
And he added, “Al-Nasr Club has a very high commercial value in the market and has not yet been optimally utilized.” And he continued: “In the next stage, we will raise commercial revenues, and there will be honorary support in addition to continued support from the Ministry of Sports.”
Regarding the debt problem, which is estimated at 300 million, the president of Al-Nasr Club said: “The problem will be solved, God Almighty willing, we must be optimistic.” He continued: “We are exerting our effort and energy, and if we look in a dark look, we have not worked, but God Almighty will facilitate things and the payment of obligations and debts cannot be completed within a week or two, but merely negotiating with creditors and settlements for scheduling needs time.” Noting that the amount of debt is less than 300 million riyals, but he did not mention the exact amount.


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