In the picture – a joint work between Ruby and Ahmed Helmy!


Deploy a business managerEgyptian actress Ruby​، ​Islam fastingA photo of him with the Egyptian actorAhmed HelmyRuby, through his account on the social networking site.
I attached it to a comment: “The best is yet to come”, which made followers ask for comments about a joint work that brings them together?
Ahmed was planning to shoot a new movie, but his name has not been settled yet.
It is reported that my last movie was “Scarecrow“, Which was shown two years ago, written by Abdel-Rahim Kamal, directed by Khaled Marei, and co-starred in itMinnah Shalabi​، ​Khaled El SawyHassan Hosni, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, Rashwan Tawfiq, Enaam Salousa, Bayoumi Fouad, Sami Maghawri and Mahmoud Al-Laithi.


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