In the country: Samir Ghanem’s death – he refused to correct Amy’s sting, and in this way he was punishing his daughters in the country

25 The great artist, Samir Ghanem, died shortly ago, at the age of 84, after suffering for more than a month from the repercussions of the Corona virus, and he is one of the most important comedy stars in Egyptian cinema.
Successes in the theater.

Artist Samir Ghanem said that he refused to correct the bite of his daughter Amy in childhood because he believed that the “bite” would make her maintain her youth no matter how old she was, pointing out that Amy is a different artist from her brother Dunya and that each of them has a different “style”.

What did Samir Ghanem say about the wives of his daughters, Rami Radwan and Hassan Al-Raddad?

As for the method used by Samir Ghanem in order to punish and raise his daughters, he revealed that he was content with quarreling only and that he did not speak to them so that the guilty of them felt guilty.
The family of the late artist Samir Ghanem decided not to pay condolences to him, in application of the precautionary measures to prevent the Corona virus. learned that the place of the funeral was changed from the Al-Salam Mosque in Nasr City to the Al-Moshir Mosque in the Fifth Settlement, provided that he was buried in the graves of loyalty and hope.

A drama project that was not completed by Samir Ghanem … and the reason for his refusal of a role with Adel Imam

FilFan learned that Dalal Abdel Aziz asked to attend Samir Ghanem’s funeral despite her illness, and her position has not yet been definitively determined, despite her strong urge to be present at her husband’s funeral.

The health of the great artist had witnessed a sharp deterioration during the past days, as he was being treated in a hospital from the repercussions of Corona.

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