In support of the Palestinian people … May Farouk presents the song “The Palestinian Cause” | news


Singer Mai Farouk has posted her new song “The Palestinian Cause” on YouTube in order to support the Palestinian people.

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Mai Farouk announced, through her official account on the social networking site Facebook, that the song was released on the official channel of artist Amr Mostafa on YouTube. The song “The Case is Palestinian”, written by Hisham Jalal, composed by Amr Mostafa, arranged by Wajdi Al-Fawi, and produced by Amr Mostafa.

It is noteworthy that May Farouk announced yesterday that the song will be launched on all platforms and said, “This is the way I was able to support the cause, and if everyone started with what he can do, we will know, change something.”

Recently, the artist Amr Mostafa, through his social media accounts, announced his support for the Palestinian cause through a song in all the languages ​​of the world.

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