In pictures of the “Bedouin Khalija” cities … a Saudi prince responds to Charbel Wahba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – response of the Saudi prince, Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud The statements made by the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Charbel Wahba And attacking him, the Saudi political analyst, Salman Al-Ansari, as “a Bedouin.”

Prince Sattam published pictures from Gulf capitals and cities on his official Twitter page, saying: “The Bedouin cities of the Gulf are leading the region economically, technically, culturally, scientifically and in tourism, and a hateful and ungrateful one comes up to no quarter of what they have arrived and mocks them .. Speech is cheap. Every person can speak words. It is appropriate, but the reality is the decisive factor. Praise be to God for the grace that God has honored us with.

And in a separate tweet, the Saudi prince said: “A foreign minister was astonished by this shallow level of thinking and impudence, and his country is just around the corner from total collapse, and he is insulting and accusing his brother’s country of standing and supporting his country with love and generosity with these lies and false allegations and mocking its people that they are Bedouins and it is the pride of every original Arab! Shin and Qawi Ein, “citing the” Charbel Wahba “hashtag.

The statements of the Lebanese Foreign Minister came in an interview on Al-Hurra TV alongside Al-Ansari, who published part of the interview in a tweet on his official Twitter page, saying, with a comment: “To the honorable Lebanese people; God Charbel and Hiba .. Save your country from this corrupt gang

Al-Ansari continued, saying, “The solution is clear; (no to the Hezbollah gang!) .. And by the way, the words deleted from the meeting are more than what was shown! I will ‘now’ publish this part!”


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